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Hello, I'm Kelsey


I believe that creativity can be utilized in every aspect of

one's life. My goal is to leave behind something that is more beautiful and useful than how I first found it. 

"This world is but a canvas to our imagination"

-Henry David Thoreau 

Kelsey Daniel

Designer & Fine Artist









Home Design

In Spring of 2019 I began my new career as a kitchen and bath designer. I did weeks of training with the program 2020, and product training with various cabinet and countertop materials and companies. I have always had an interest in interior design, and now I am able to create exciting designs that are both functional and unique to each customer. This is just a step in the direction towards becoming an entire home planner, decorator, and architect. 

Fine Arts

I have always worked with a wide range of mediums rather than choosing to focus on just one. I have taken many fine arts classes throughout my undergraduate career including, but not limited to:


Oil Painting                    Watercolor painting

Acrylic Painting              Printmaking

Illustration                      Life Drawing

Digital Photography      Film Photography

Ceramics                        3-Dimensional Art

Technical Theatre          Scene Design

Graphic Design

I developed a skill for graphic design after I realized many of my fine arts pieces were very clean, simple, and graphic in nature. I currently have a style that is very focused on the use of white space and it's interaction with the balance of text and images. I am always trying to improve my skills, which presently includes web design and advertising for kitchen and bath design, and non-profit organization events.